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Menniti Landscaping

Tree Plant/Trim/Removal

Tree Plant/Trim/Removal

Trimming involves removing excess branches to maintain regularity in shape and size for an aesthetically pleasing look. When you trim a plant, it causes the remaining foliage to grow faster and thicker than if the plant were untrimmed.
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Our Vision

To lead the Landscaping industry by providing the highest level of customer service and quality of work. Our goal is to delight each and every one of our customers by meeting their specific requirements using our stringent operating standards.

Our Values

People: Our business is people
Pride: We take pride in what we do
Reliability: We do what we say we’ll do
Team: We bring out the best in each other
Quality: We constantly improve

Menniti Guarantee

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our business was built on community reputation and that means everything to us.

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