Lawn Care Must-Dos for Your Fall Lawn

Lawn Care Must-Dos for Your Fall Lawn

how to care for my lawn in the fall

For some homeowners, it may be hard to believe that in order to have a thriving, beautiful lawn in the Spring growing season, that some special activities need to actually be performed in the Fall.  The old saying that prior proper planning can lead to great things further down the road is one that definitely lies true for your yard. 

The southern part of the United States deals with a lot of extreme heat, and sometimes with very little water.  This climate can wreak havoc on a person’s yard.  With just a few simple 
lawn care routines, you can give your lawn a better chance to thrive and prosper in the next growing season.  Below, you will find a list of some things that you can do now in order to benefit your lawn immensely in the Spring.


Mow:  Continue to mow your lawn until the growing season comes to an end.  Your grass will grow until the temperature becomes very cold.  Mowing your grass throughout the Fall season will help your grass to stay healthy, and you are also able to use your mower to mulch fallen leaves.  This mulch provides important nutrients for the roots of your grass.

Once the mowing season is over, prep your lawnmower for winter storage and for the next growing season.  This is a good time to sharpen dull mower blades, check the engine’s spark plugs and oil, and inspect your mower for any repair work that needs to be performed.

Rake:  Fallen leaves can smother your grass and can lead to mold and fungus if left along the surface of your yard for too long of a time period.  Rake excess leaves off of your grass and dispose of the leaves properly.  Many homeowners bag excess leaves and are able to dispose of them through a yard waste collection agency.

Aerate:  Aeration is the process of removing plugs of dirt from your lawn and allowing new grass seeds and various nutrients a place to take root and grow.  When you aerate in the Fall, you are providing a good base for your grass blades so they will grow strong and green in the Spring.

Water:  All lawns need an appropriate amount of water in order to grow and thrive.  Approximately one inch of water per week is ideal for your thriving grass.  If the Autumn weather is not gracing your lawn with enough water per week, then it is important that you provide the correct amount of water for your lawn.

Fertilize:  Fall is the perfect time of year to fertilize your grass.  When you fertilize in the Fall, your grass can draw from the nutrients and can benefit from them throughout the Winter.  Once Spring comes around, the fertilizer will help to make your grass strong, healthy, and green.

Seed:  Spreading new grass seeds across the expanse of your lawn or in bare spots that you have noticed will allow the grass plenty of time to settle and grow once the Spring growing season rolls around next year.

As you can see, there are a few steps that you can do in the Fall that can greatly benefit your lawn in the Spring.  With just a little bit of proper planning and organization, you can give your yard the best opportunity for a fruitful, healthy Spring.  Menniti Landscaping offers a variety of Fall lawn care services that will help keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. 

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