Why Do You Need a Lawn Service When Your Grass is Dormant?

Why Do You Need a Lawn Service When Your Grass is Dormant?

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Winter is here, and many homeowners tend to think that there is no need for their lawn care service for the rest of the winter season.  Quite often, people consider the wintertime a season of rest, staying indoors, and very little, if any, lawn care maintenance. However, winter can actually be a great time to pay special attention to your lawn and certain things can be done in order to ensure that your lawn is primed and ready for the spring season.

One of the first things that must be considered, is the local climate and weather conditions of your area. Warm season grasses, which are mostly the type of grass that we see throughout Alabama, don’t actually go dormant until the soil temperatures dip below 55 degrees. Depending on the type of weather that we are experiencing, a dip in the soil temperatures could be well into the end of the year, or even the beginning of the next year. Additionally, we often see winter days that reach into the 50-60-degree range. Throughout much of our state, lawns may not actually go dormant, but may be in a semi-dormant state throughout much of the winter season.

In order to prepare your lawn for a prosperous spring growing season, a wintertime fertilization treatment is very beneficial. When your lawn is fertilized in the winter, you are allowing the roots to have the optimal nutrients in order to be ready for a strong, upcoming growing season. Warm winter grasses benefit from winter fertilizer that is heavy with potassium.

Additionally, winter is a great time to treat any weeds that are visible across your lawn. A broadleaf weed control treatment will weaken the roots of the weeds, and limit the amount of growth that the weeds have when the growing season arrives in our area once again.

You may also be wondering if there is a need for watering your lawn in the wintertime, or even mowing the grass in the winter. Well, the answer is “maybe”. If you have been a resident in Alabama long enough, you know that our winter seasons can often be unpredictable. Some winters can be very damp and cool, while other winters can be dry and warmer than expected. If you keep a close eye on the current weather conditions, and on the condition of your lawn, you will be able to determine if the grass is in need of extra water as well as a quick trim.

When you have a reliable lawn care company that handles your lawn treatments like Mighty Green, our technicians will keep you informed  on the current conditions of your lawn.  We will be able to make recommendations for your individual lawn, as well as provide other lawn care tips.  For example, winter is a great time to trim shrubs and trees, remove dead plants and shrubs from flower beds and containers, plant bulbs for the spring growing season, and so much more.

Although winter is definitely a season where the demands of lawn care are not as prevalent as during other times of the year, you will find that there are some lawn treatments that will benefit your lawn in the long term. Since we live in a relatively warm climate, the lawn care needs may differ from year to year, but it is important for your lawn to receive some attention even during the dormant times of the year.

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