All About Mulch

All About Mulch

lawn mulch

Mulch is described as “a layer of material that is applied to the surface of the soil”.  Mulch is typically applied to flower beds, around the base of trees, around the perimeter of a home or business building, and around any other area that a property owner wants to highlight throughout their landscape.

Mulch is often used for the purpose of beautification and for enhancing the area around one’s yard or home, but mulch also has many useful purposes.  Some of the reasons people use mulch on their property are: ​


  • To discourage weeds from growing in areas where they are not desired
  • To help regulate the soil temperature
  • To improve the structural integrity and stability of soil in designated places
  • To reduce water evaporation from the soil
  • To prevent erosion, especially along sloped areas
  • To improve fertile conditions of the soil


Mulch is available in many different forms.  Some people use mulch made of wood chips, bark chips, or pine needles; however, you may also decide to use grass clippings, peat moss, leaves, straw, hay, or some other types of material.

There are also other factors that you may want to consider when choosing the best mulch for your purpose, including color options, mulch patterns, and aesthetic value of a particular mulch.  You may also wish to consider the prices of varying mulches.  Depending on the amount of mulch that you may need for your outdoor project, cost may be a deciding factor for the particular type of mulch that you decide to use.

Most organic-based mulches will need to be replaced or enhanced on a regular basis, perhaps once or twice a year.  Because organic mulch will break down over time, it is important for you to add additional mulch to your flower beds or other lawn sections in order to maintain the proper soil conditions that you have already created.  Replacing old mulch or adding new mulch every now and then also adds to the beauty of your residential or commercial property.  Additionally, if you decide to replace current mulch with a different type of mulch completely, then the best practice is to remove all of the older mulch before installing the newer choice.

Mulch that is placed in varying sections of one’s lawn can add great distinction and beauty, as well as serve some very useful purposes.  Take your time in considering which mulch option will work the best for your purposes, fit your budget, and will offer you the curb appeal that you are looking for on your property.  You should be highly pleased with the end results.

Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Menniti Landscaping
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