The Importance of Tree & Shrub Care

The Importance of Tree & Shrub Care

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Maintaining a vibrant, healthy landscape increases your property value, keeps your neighbors happy, and gives you something beautiful to look at. Trees and shrubs are an important element of your landscape, so they need to be cared for and maintained on a regular basis along with the grass. In order to promote the health and vibrancy of all the elements of your landscape, it is important to incorporate tree and shrub care into your lawn program. Just like your grass, your trees and shrubs need proper fertilization to improve their health and longevity as well as protection from diseases, pests, and harsh weather conditions.

You can’t always tell that your plants and trees are unhealthy by looking at their foliage, so it is important to have them inspected by a qualified professional. Many times the trees and shrubs do not get all the nutrients they need to thrive from their environment. It is very effective to perform a soil test to determine its deficiencies, and then to add those elements the soil is lacking through fertilization.

It is important to note what exactly fertilization is. Fertilization is not giving your plants food exactly, but it helps plants feed themselves. Plants use the nutrients in fertilizer to better perform photosynthesis and create the sugars they need for food. So adding more fertilizer to a tree that is dying isn’t going to instantly solve the problem…there may be over or under-watering issues. Again, the soil test is the best way to figure this question out. It will also tell you what ratio of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus is needed by your trees and shrubs.

Young trees and shrubs need a steady supply of nutrients to establish strong roots and grow properly so it is especially important to fertilize them. The best time to fertilize is when the plants are dormant, usually in late fall and early spring. This process helps stimulate growth during warmer temperatures. Another factor to take into consideration is that trees and shrubs do not have the same needs as your lawn, so it is important to use the correct type of fertilizer for your trees and shrubs. Nitrogen helps encourage leaf growth while potassium and phosphorous promote blooming and overall health. The fertilizer should always be applied to the roots of the trees and shrubs. The roots typically extend much wider than the actual plant, so be sure to apply it in a wide radius around the spread of the branches to ensure the plant is able to absorb as much of the nutrients as possible.

While fertilization is very important to the health of your trees and shrubs, it is not always a cure-all. If a plant is already stressed, fertilizer is not going to bring it back to life. Consider speaking with a professional about preventive measures that will help protect your plants from disease and pests as well.
If you need help caring for your trees and shrubs, the professionals at Menniti Landscaping will assess your plants and soil and create a plan to promote their health and protect them from potential problems. 

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