5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Summer Lawn

5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Summer Lawn

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The heat of summertime weather can be a challenge for the well-being of your lawn.  Homeowners may find themselves struggling to keep the grass green or the weeds under control.  More and more people spend time outside during the Summer, so the desire to keep the lawn healthy and inviting is very important for many people.  Below are five tips that will help you maintain a green, healthy, and welcoming lawn for all to enjoy throughout the warm season.


#1: Fertilize your lawn:  This is especially an important task to complete in the early part of summer when grass is growing steadily.  Unless your climate is prone to drought, you may continue to fertilize about every six weeks, as long as your grass continues to thrive.  Fertilization provides grass blades with necessary nutrients to stay strong and deepen their root systems.  Note that following the fertilizing process you should follow up with regular watering.


#2: Mow regularly but cut high during the summer season:  Ideal warm-weather grass length will vary depending on the type of grass, but mow as high as your grass-type recommends, and mow regularly.  Taller grasses keep water from evaporating too quickly.  Taller grass blades also protect the grass roots by providing much-needed shade during the hot weather.  Note that sharp mower blades will produce cleaner cuts of the grass, so ensure your mower blades are kept sharp for precision cutting.


#3: Leave grass clippings alone:  Following the mowing process, allow the grass clippings to stay on the surface of the grass.  The clippings will decompose and act as a fertilizer for living grass blades.


#4: Water your lawn regularly and deeply:  Grass remains healthy if the roots are given water deep within the root system.  Lawn care professionals recommend watering your lawn about every 2-3 days for about 20-30 minutes each time.  A good, thorough soaking is much better for the lawn than frequent, short bursts of water.


#5: Inspect your lawn for weeds regularly:  Weeds can grow rapidly and spread throughout your lawn if not treated quickly.  You may spot-treat areas that need to be targeted or apply a weed control substance across the expanse of the lawn.  Also, treat for grubs if you suspect they are present within your yard.

In conclusion, know that you can enjoy many warm, summer days in the beauty of your own lawn, especially if you provide your lawn with just a little bit of tender loving care and routine maintenance. You can trust the experts at Menniti Landscaping to help take some of the workload off of you. Our lawn treatment programs will have your grass thick and green in no time!

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